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rachael_giesenshlagWhen you think about the mountains in Western North Carolina do you think about cool creeks, lofty views of hazy blue mountains, forests filled with diverse wildflowers and trees, or do you think about the vibrant cultural City of Asheville?

My name is Rachael Giesenschlag, and as a native of Asheville, I understand why you want to call this area home. I have seen the Asheville area change from being a small town filled with empty store fronts, to the bustling city that it is now. I deeply love the City of Asheville with its live music scene and incredible culinary and brewery selections. Growing up in Asheville, my family would escape to the Blue Ridge Parkway to hike and swim.

My appreciation of the beauty of the national forest led to my desire to study herbalism, gardening, and eventually to pursue my passion of garden design. This region is such a pleasurable area to reside in, that I think most people who live here feel incredibly lucky to call the region of Western North Carolina home. As a real estate agent, I take pride in the relationships that I build with people.

Allow me to help you locate your future home. Purchasing real estate is a very important and very personal process and it is my duty as an agent to facilitate this process for you in the most stress-free and efficient way possible. I look forward to meeting and working with you soon!


“Working with Rachel was such a delight. As a native, her knowledge of the area is unparalleled and was crucial in our search. She really took the time to understand our needs and goals, making the process not only smooth but enjoyable. We’ve already been recommending her to our friends.”
John and Stacey

“Rachael did an amazing job in assisting me with finding an investment property in the Asheville area. She worked long and hard to find properties that were among my criteria and her knowledge of the area saved lots of driving around time. Since I was out of town she even went above and beyond to view a couple of properties to send me pictures. Thats service! In the end after looking over three counties for the perfect Log Cabin, we ended up with an investment Condo downtown Asheville! The numbers just worked. Really appreciate the time and effort that she put into this and can not say enough. There is no reason to do the leg work when you have Rachael, she will find exactly what you are looking for!”

Banff Luther

“I recently purchased land in the Asheville area with Rachel’s guidance. With her help, the monumental tasks of wading thru the sea of listed properties and completing the details of the closing were made easy! Thank you so much Rachael!”

Beecher Sherwood of Lonesome Mountain Woodcraft

Fellow House Hunters,

Rachael Giesenschlag was recently our realtor during our Asheville house search. If you’ve been keeping up with Asheville real estate; you already know what a challenge it can be to find the correct home in the right location and at a reasonable price point.

Rachael found the perfect formula and got us a great deal in the ideal location. It required a lot of skills on Rachael’s behalf.

We didn’t know the area; but she has been a resident since childhood. She knows the neighborhoods, history, trends and people. She steered us in the right direction; finding enclaves that matched our personalities and needs.

Some of the neighborhoods were “hot” seller markets. What a challenge! Rachael was “on the spot”; often we were first to see the house in a market where the offers were pouring in as soon as it was listed. She never delayed getting an appointment or submitting an offer.

In a market like Asheville, it is likely that to get an affordable home in a desirable neighborhood, that buyers need to purchase a “fixer-upper.” Rachael has an equal mix of vision and realism when it comes to these hidden gems or money-pits. She would walk through a house and foresee the changes that would suit our lifestyle. She carried on an authentic, “present-tense” dialog as we walked through. For example, “Once you remove these blinds and change out the fixtures; it will be a bright and cheerful kitchen” or “When you trim these trees, you’ll have a wintertime view.” What’s more impressive is that she knows her limitations and switched to inquiry, “Do you suppose this is a load supporting wall?” Or offered to match-make one of her multitude of local resources, “My friend from high-school is a contractor”; “I’ve worked very closely with this inspector and everybody says he’s extremely thorough.”

Even in our disappointments (which happened when we were late to the game, outbid, or uncovered issues); Rachael was always painting a positive picture. She optimistically and enthusiastically found the next list of houses to visit and reassured us that we’d find success.

And we did! Rachael is also very aware of market forces and home values. She always advised us on the right direction (vs. asking price) to place our offers. She suggested less than asking on the house we ultimately purchased and, end-the-end, I estimate that she saved us as much as 10% using shrewd insights and data.

We ended up in a great neighborhood with a great deal. The help and advice was perfect and we got our hidden gem. The offer and closing went seamlessly. We can’t wait for Rachael to have lunch with us, sit on the shady deck, see our changes and watch the sunset behind our “winter view.”

We wish you the best in your house hunting!

Doug & Tonda MacLeod

Rachael was a very friendly and passionate REALTOR® that really worked hard for us to find our dream home. She spent numerous days working and looking in Buncombe, Haywood, and Madison Counties. She met with us and assisted even helping watch our son while we looked at houses. She was a pleasure to work with and a very professional REALTOR®. It was a pleasure working with her and I would definitely recommend her as a great agent to find your dream home.

Happy Buyer

Rachael helped us get the home that was perfect for us and we couldn’t have done it without her. She was very available to answer questions, and if she was unsure, she was extremely prompt about figuring things out. She guided us through all of the fine print of the process and was always on top of what needed to be done next. But most of all, she seemed to actually care about us getting the house we wanted.

Jeff Loops

When I began looking for a new place to live I was referred to Rachael Giesenschlag. She is an easy-going, fun person to work with. Her knowledge of the Madison county market and genuine interest in our needs and desires made buying our property a great experience. She was very professional and took the time and patience to work with me while I was driving back and forth to look at properties from out of state. In the end she found us our dream home with every aspect we were looking for and executed the closing flawlessly. I am forever grateful for everything Rachael did for us and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for their dream home.


While looking for a new home in the hills of North Carolina from out of state, my wife and I spoke with several realtors to identify who would best understand our wants and requirements. After talking with Rachael and walking a property with her, she demonstrated a love of the land and a keen interest in finding us our new home.

We worked with Rachael to walk several properties, with each review, getting closer to the property we selected to be our home. During this time, Rachael stayed in close contact with us, alerting us to new properties and advising us on current and future aspects of each property that we did not initially see. She was incredibly helpful as we looked at properties, leading to the eventual selection of our home.

From the offer through to closing (and even post closing), Rachael continues to be incredibly helpful with communications between ourselves and the larger team (including finance, legal, etc.). Her relationship with the seller agent was especially helpful with some unexpected items during discovery and bringing us to closure. Closing was seamless, with plenty of signatures and participating in the recording of the deed with our lawyer, and catching a small typo at the very end of the process.

We were incredibly happy with Rachael and her knowledge of the area as well as the county and state regulations that are part of the home buying process. We will happily recommend her to help you find a home in the lovely hills of North Carolina.

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